Merry Christmas!

2023 will be our 19th rewarding and fulfilling year.

We will begin delivering and setting up trees Saturday after Thanksgiving, Nov 25th. Please leave your post in front yard where you want your tree to be set-up. OR put a very visible marker in front yard where you want the tree to be set-up. Delivery and Set-up is very busy and sometimes our delivery teams may miss notes on where to set-up tree. Any questions please send email to

If you want to help with delivery, set-up or decorating - please send us an email at

Brittany's Trees

Dear Friends, Family and soon to be Friends,

We all go through moments in our life that challenge us.  At the point in which we are confronted with adversity there are two choices: we either let that moment ruin us or we come together and rise above.  Brittany’s Trees is a true testament and illustration of how the Holiday spirit conjures up benevolent efforts towards overcoming all that may trouble us. 

On behalf of the entire Brittany’s Trees family, I would like to invite each and every one of you to join us in celebrating her memory and come together to overcome this unfamiliar condition that weighs heavily on too many innocent people.  Brittany was an eight year old third grade student at Heritage Lakes Elementary. She was born with a heart condition that with medication was thought to be controlled and allow her to live a normal life. Brittany was a wonderful little girl with a great big smile.   She enjoyed riding her bicycle up and down the sidewalk, going down the big slide at the park and jumping on the trampoline in her back yard.  She enjoyed cheerleading and also took Irish dance lessons.  She was mature for her age and could hold her own in conversations with adults.   Brittany was an outgoing little girl that was a pleasure to be around.  She was happy, polite and an over-all great kid. 

Brittany passed away in February 2005.  She was living with a congenital heart condition called Long QT Syndrome.  Brittany’s vibrant spirit has inspired the wonderful neighbors of Kingsport Ridge, family and friends to come together every year on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. The morning begins with our friends and family surrounded by hundreds of Christmas trees, warming up with some hot chocolate (spirits for those of age), and coordinating the day’s festivities.  After the morning congregation, we split up into teams and go from house to house spreading the Holiday spirit to all of those who are so kind to participate.  The trees are delivered and the members of our team string the lights.  All we ask is that you run an extension cord out to your tree.           

Last year, Brittany’s spirit lined the streets of our community shining brightly among the 2,100  families.  Our goal is to have select western suburban Chicago towns united and to have Brittany shining bright in all of our hearts.  Brittany’s Trees raised over $40,000.00 last year for the SADS Foundation. This year we’re hoping to set-up and deliver over same amount of Christmas trees. If you have driven through our neighborhood between Thanksgiving and Christmas you’ve seen the streets lined with glowing Christmas trees representing Brittany’s character.  Brittany’s Family and friends would be grateful if you would open your hearts and catch the spirit.    

Not only has this event carried on Brittany’s memory, it has brought together a very thoughtful and caring neighborhood.  Brittany has helped introduce me to some wonderful people that live right down the street from me, those whom I would have never known if it weren’t for her.  With your help we will conquer this condition.  Brittany will live forever in our hearts and her beautiful spirit will shine brightly throughout our community. 

Catch the Spirit!

Brian Groh - Brittany's Neighbor

Receive a 2019 Brittany's Trees long sleeve T-Shirt.

For $15, you will recieve a Dark Purple Long sleeve event shirt. Shirts will be delivered between November 30th and December 9th.

The front of shirt will display the 2019 logo shown.

The back of the shirt will display corporate sponsors of Brittany's Trees.

The Corporate Sponsors this year are:

  • Bird Inc.
  • Doug Salemi from Salemi Insurance Agency 
  • Classic Travel and Tours
  • Rocco Vino's
  • Abbate Screw Products
  • Recchia Racing
  • Executive Realty Group
  • ABM Commercial Flooring
  • JTF Construction Inc.
  • Justice Logistics, Inc.
  • 5K Autos
  • Gary Auto Body
  • Thomas Electronics
  • ASI Staffing
  • Landscape Materials and Firewood
  • American Legion Post 76
  • Body Works Medical Center
  • Badger Evergreen Nursery
  • Nifast Corporation
  • Joe Cotton Ford
  • American Chartered Bank